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Are You Making These 7 Business Killing Social Media Mistakes? You know it’s important to be using the latest social media tools. However, did you know that it’s as important to be sanitizing your social media plan from mistakes that are made regularly? Frequently it’s easy to miss easy, but damaging blunders you may be […]

5 Internet Marketing Tactics You Can Use To Increase Traffic & Sales By Nicholas Hurd If increased visitors and sales are important to you, then these Internet Marketing tactics are for you. Getting more Internet traffic usually means sales. If you haven’t done so already you need to tune your SEO to get more visitors […]

How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Online Store By Nicholas Hurd Twitter is a very powerful tool if you want to turn your store into a profitable one, because it can attract more people to your business. Social media is a gold mine when it comes to promoting any type of business. It doesn’t […]

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Online Store By Nicholas Hurd Instagram provides an opportunity to market your online store, like other social media platforms,. But with Instagram, you know that you are using nothing but the best. And, you will achieve the most favorable results. It is very important to keep up with […]

Referral Marketing – Get the Power by Launching Your Own Campaign By Nicholas Hurd Many research papers have proved that the best option of marketing for sales and conversions is starting your own Referral Marketing Campaign. Referral Campaign is also known as word-of-mouth marketing. That’s because it is all about one person giving his own […]

Use Social Media to Improve Your Ecommerce

How to Use Social Media to Build Your E-Commerce Website By Nicholas Hurd Social media will help you make your e-Commerce website more popular and attract more visitors to your business. Here are some tips on how to use social media to increase the visibility of your e-Commerce website. The biggest challenge that e-Commerce website […]

Blogging to Build Your Online Store and Increase Your Profits By Nicholas Hurd Every e-Commerce website wants visitors. Blogging can bring some of these visitors. While it is really that simple, isn’t it better to know more about how blogging really helps? Direct sales are not the only way to generate sales. Creating an email […]

Snapchat Social Media Marketing – Promote Your Online Store By Nicholas Hurd Snapchat is your opportunity to enhance your social media marketing. It’s an application for mobile photo messaging. It lets you have photos and short videos, which is called “snaps”. The snaps can be delivered to your friends or people associated with your “Story” […]

Networking on LinkedIn By Nicholas Hurd Networking works in so many different ways. One of these include of getting more attention for your product. Launching and marketing products is not an easy task. Just launching a product requires a lot of your effort to ensure its success. As the product makes its way into the […]

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By Nicholas Hurd First, congratulations! On starting and running your own home based business. It will be a lot of planning and work. But the results, more security for your family and independence in this rapidly changing world make your sweat equity worthwhile. Unless you have absolutely nothing to do with the Internet and online society […]